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27th-Apr-2029 01:53 am - FRIENDS ONLY
Yup, that's right. This journal is 90% friends only. If you want to be added (for whatever reason) let me know.
31st-Dec-2010 04:49 am - WHIP MY WAND BACK AND FORTH
7th-Nov-2010 03:24 am - Ocean awareness gooo

I FINALLY got started on some projects that are actually supposed to be for stuff aside from my own amusement.

This little business card sized scene is for some tags that are going to be used for some products Emily and I are making for upcoming cons. They are going to be a special line of items designed to raise ocean awareness. All proceeds are going to go an ocean environmental group that has yet to be chosen.

Little facts about the ocean and how you can help will be put on the tags. I'm hoping that it is a success. 8D

After watching all these ocean documentaries I kind of get discouraged because I never know what I can do to help. I'm in the middle of a continent, and have almost no money. Oceans and ocean life have had a huge impact on me since I was a little girl. I actually probably would have pursued marine biology if I didn't do art. They're a huge inspiration for me and now I think it's time to find some way to give back, especially knowing about all the threats the ocean is faced with these days.

LUCKILY, I'm not the only person I know that feels this way. Emily probably loves the ocean just as much as I do; she's actually going to college in hopes of studying chemicals in the ocean.. or something along those lines, I can't exactly remember. Anyway, we were talking about how frustrating it was that we didn't know what to do to help and then it dawned on us: educating. Education is really the most important thing you can do when put in situations such as ours (we're not in any position to run away and be activists) so we are going to try and do so at the place we interact with the most people: conventions.

I know that people there aren't exactly... looking for this kind of stuff, and it may be a flop.. but I did have brief talks with people about the ocean at the last con because they liked my sea life prints. SO YEAH. Make stuff, put tags with info on, talk to the people, if they buy/donate the money will go whatever organization we end up picking. We'll be making crochet animals, pins, prints, and whatever else we can think of.

If it goes well me might try and expand the people involved.. but for now its just two girls and a dream.
20th-Oct-2010 02:49 am - TRANSLATION GO
For those interested, and mostly for my own reference. My sister's friend translated this:

THE TEXTCollapse )

DGASHDADHGAS I'm so excited!!! But probably won't be able to afford a 3DS until... waaaaay later.
2nd-Aug-2010 07:58 am - P[A] SECRET SANTA
HHIIII Secret Santa!! I'm really looking forward to whatever the hell it is you're brain has in store for mee~ I suppose I should give you a subject to start pondering with though, huh?

I would looove it if you drew Lithium. ;u; Oh yes indeed~

http://i211.photobucket.com/albums/bb62/StarberrySwirls/JENNYART/stareoff3.gif he scratches a lot


Lithi with Jadyn (with Argon looming with disapproval :|)
http://imgur.com/a/b1spc/pa_wishlist_argon__jadyn REFS GALORE OF THE OTHER TWO!

Neon and Lithium
OH THE CONTRAST!!! I love it~
5th-Jun-2010 02:02 am - ITCHY GROIN!?!

11th-May-2010 12:09 pm - CHALLENGER

Yeah, i just saw it and thought you all should know my hate. B|
27th-Apr-2010 11:15 am - Anime Detour 2010
So I guess I'm a lamer took less than 10 pictures throughout the whole con.. laaaaaammmmeeee.. but i did have an awesome time.

To sum up our con. We hung these throughout the con and would constantly just say "EWIK?" Wooo~

Also pokewalkers. Bring them.
16th-Mar-2010 05:38 pm - CHICAGO
So I'm in chicago and having an awesome time. yup.
4th-Mar-2010 08:57 am - Daily-- weekly dose of happy
THEY KEEP ZOOMING ON HIS FACE. ASLDGHASDLASHLA What an animated singer. I like when he gestures as if to encourage the audience to sing with him.

18th-Feb-2010 12:33 pm - Someone stop me

Once I get to 100k I am DONE with this game.

In other news I just finished watching Big Bang Theory. Now what am I going to do when I'm bored? D:
15th-Feb-2010 10:21 am - MAGIC ROBOT RAINBOW UNICORNS

Lacey found this and it is AMAZING. I was blown away. I hope you are too. You gotta play with the sound, the music makes the game.
30th-Jan-2010 07:42 pm - WHAT'S UP GUYS
What American accent do you have?
Created by Xavier on Memegen.net

North Central. This is what everyone calls a "Minnesota accent." If you saw "Fargo" or "Drop Dead Gorgeous" you probably didn't think the characters sounded very out of the ordinary. Some Americans may mistake you for a Canadian.

If you are not a northern Minnesotan, you are probably one of these:
(a) A Yooper from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan; or
(b) A Canadian who has a mostly but not completely Canadian accent

Take this quiz now - it's easy!
We're going to start with "cot" and "caught." When you say those words do they sound the same or different?

27th-Jan-2010 08:07 am - Dang.
The scratch in the back of my throat thing was a lie. I'm sick. Stupid cold. BV

Please end soon week so I can be a slug and get better. >:
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